After School Provision


St.B's Club after school provision offers a stimulating environment with a variety of activities. From preparing and cooking your own healthy snacks; a favourite spinach and cheese toastie, pasta with a tomato and herb sauce, added herbs collected from the school garden and new flavours and foods to try. Arts and crafts, some extending the whole schools topic. Use of the school's three playgrounds and field, depending on numbers attending. Muddy kitchen, den building and many traditional outdoor games, Boule, marbles, hopscotch, kite flying, large chalk drawings and gardening. At least once a month there is a themed activity. Chinese New Year, noodles of fun. Pancake Day, make & race, Easter, egg hunts, and to-date sowing seeds, planting and watering to colour the grounds, and a WWI Honey Picnic with Bee suit and hive to promote the village's WWI nostalgic history walk relating to WinniePeg the Canadian Black bear, and later more famously known as Winnie-the-Pooh.

Term 6, June welcomes us back with Environment, Yoyo and Juggling day, so I will endeavour to include these in the afterschool  "let's try this today" schedule. I have recently attended a Short Tennis course, Wimbledon around the corner will invite all to play, game, set and match and of course strawberries and cream!

Club runs Monday to Friday 3.15 - 5.30pm. An hour is £5 for longer sessions £8.

The club can extend with advanced booking til 5.45pm for £11.
A booking form is available from main office.
All booking forms and monies to be handed in advance to your child's care.

Thank you, Mrs Carson Team Leader